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We have collected a variety of handouts and links that will help you do a similar project.

Original project description:
The chemistry teacher and librarian created a video project for students to create 3-minute videos on a water sustainability project of their choice. Students worked in groups of 3 or 4, and had to present an issue related to water sustainability, a chemistry connection (students had been studying the chemistry of water for the last several weeks), the connection to the ā€œ3 Eā€™sā€ of sustainability: Environment, Economics, & social Equity and a solution to the problem. Students spent a few days doing basic editing, and screened the completed videos with middle school students.

Skills taught:
Summarizing (the major points of the chosen issue), storyboarding, scripting, video techniques, and basic video editing

The final assessment was the finished video along with the planning handouts and a reflection. Please see the handout page for a copy of the rubric.

Resources Used:
Wiki created by the teacher and librarian; print resources, including magazines; Windows Movie Maker or iMovie; Flip cameras and flash drives. External microphones for voiceovers can be helpful.

Student Research Page:

ESCHS Water Project Research Page