Handouts for Water Sustainability Project

Created by Joseph Vincente & Andrea Swenson for ESCHS for the Water Sustainability Project Spring, 2015

The project is originally introduced in chemistry class using a Power Point presentation with an embedded example video made by the teachers.
The Power Point:

Students begin by exploring a variety of topics using our wiki and many print resources that we have collected. They are asked to take notes on two topics that interest them in the materials. At the end of the class, the groups get together and make a decision about what topic they would like to choose.

Our research page: PSA Water Project Research Page

After students have decided on a topic, they need to individually fill out the Research Guide, then, as a group, they create their storyboard and script. In class, students are reminded of all of the filming/movie-making techniques that they have seen in the sample video and in other videos they have been watching in class.

Students edit in the library after a brief introduction to editing. The instructions for iMovie & for Windows Movie Maker are attached here.

Students present their work to middle school students, who fill out video evaluation sheets. Students did a self-evaluation and the teachers graded them using a rubric.

A few additional tools:

A good short video on how to use the Flip camera most effectively: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh6s9gNoFro
(You will need to download it to use it in school, as it's a YouTube video.)

We presented reasons to use video and audio to teachers at East Side, and used this handout: